Presenter Info.

Oral Presentations 

  • Presentation times:
    • Contributed: 10 minutes for presentation, 2 minutes for questions
    • Invited: 30 minutes for presentation, 6 minutes for questions
    • Plenary: 50 minutes for presentation, 10 minutes for questions
  • Slide presentations can be presented on any computer. A laptop will be set up in each room for you to add your presentation.
  • All speakers should make themselves known to the Session Chair at the start of the session.

Poster Presentations

  • Posters should be in portrait mode, 36″ wide by 42″ high or smaller.
  • Posters will be mounted to poster boards (provided) or wall space, using self-adhesive velcro strips or poster mounting putty (provided).
  • Poster exhibitors will have between 4:30 pm and 5:00 pm on Saturday, October 24 to set up their posters. Exhibitors should find their numbered location to mount their poster.
  • Undergraduate and graduate student exhibitors should self-identify (if not already done in their poster abstract submission) if they wish to be considered for a Best Poster Prize.
  • The time of the poster session is still to be determined, but will most likely be from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm on October 24, coincident with the graduate recruitment fair. 
  • Poster exhibitors should be on hand for most of that time, although they are excused for a brief visit to the recruitment fair or refreshment stand.
  • Posters should be taken down afterwards, no later than about 10:00 pm on Saturday evening (around the end of the after-dinner lecture).

Judging Criteria


  • Content (40 points)
    • Objective stated (10 points)
    • Significance/Relevance stated (5 points)
    • Project design and execution explained (15 points)
    • Interpretation of results included (10 points)
  • Display/Visuals (30 Points)
    • Clarity of illustrations, graphics, figures, photos, etc. (15 points)
    • Spelling, grammar, sentence structure, lack of excessive jargon (5 points)
    • Ability to be understood by general audience without comment (10 points)
  • Oral Presentation/Discussion (30 Points)
    • Clarity of presentation (recommended 5 minutes) (10 points)
    • Ability to answer questions (10 points)
    • Effective use of materials on poster during presentation (10 points)


  • Content & Presentation (70 points)
    • Statement of the problem and scope (10 points)
    • Significance to the field stated (5 points)
    • Relevance of background information provided (10 points)
    • Project design and execution explained (30 points)
    • Clear summary/interpretation of results (15 points)
  • Visuals (15 points)
    • Effective use of illustrations, graphics, figures, etc. (15 points)
    • In the case of any talk that has no scope for such visuals, these points must be awarded for the choice of layout of text, equations etc
  • Answering questions (15 points)
    • Questions answered clearly and succinctly (2 mins following a 10 min talk) (15 points)
    • If a talk exceeds the time limit (10 mins) by more than 2 mins, the Q&A session will be judged only for 5 points

Scoring Forms for Judges

The forms will be uploaded before the meeting.