Please sign up for the various campus, facility and lab tours that will be scheduled throughout the weekend. These tours are auxiliary to the technical conference program.
  • Observing the night sky
  • Planetarium show 
  • Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) and Campus Tour 
  • Optics & Plasma Laboratory Tour 
  • Shared Research Facility Tour
  • NASA tour
  • Medical Physics Laboratory Tour
Some other attractions which can be planned personally (More information can be requested from the local organizing committee)
  • Dorsey's Knob for hiking, stargazing, and other outdoor activities
  • Cooper's Rock
  • Cheat Lake
  • Falling Water
  • Laurel Highlands
  • Wine tasting at Forks-at-Cheat winery
  • Morgantown's Balloon Festival at Mylan Park
  • A Cappella music event Saturday night at Metropolitan Theater (7.00 - 9.30 pm)
  • Live music Friday night at Table 9
  • WVU UP all night

Social Events

The following social events are open to all and will be led by the WVU Physics and Astronomy Graduate Student Organization. Join us for networking and some fun!

Friday Evening

Student Meet-and-Greet - 5:00 PM, Mountain State Brewing Company -
One of the three craft breweries in town, Mountain State is a very short walk from the Waterfront Hotel along the riverfront trail. For $6, you can try a sampler of their brews and mingle with other students and professionals in town for the conference. The evening events start at 6:45 pm, so don't forget to close out your tab early!
PhD Comics : The PhD Movie II - 9:00 PM, Mountainlair, Rhododendron Room - 
We've organized a showing of the second PhD comics movie. We're teaming up with a program called "WVU Up All Night" that provides free food and entertainment in our student union building (the Mountainlair) every other weekend. That means there'll be tons of free popcorn, drinks, and food as well as other (zombie-themed...) activities. You're welcome to participate in everything, but you must bring your conference badge to enter ! Check out:

Saturday Evening

Stars and Bars - 9:30 PM, White Hall, Planetarium & Observatory (Roof) - 
Join us for some observing on the roof of the White Hall after the dinner program and plenary talk. After we've talked stars, we'll head out to some of Morgantown's bars - if you're so inclined. We have three craft breweries in town, so you'll be able to try some local fare or old favorites. Rain or shine, we'll meet in white Hall and disperse from there. 

Sunday Afternoon

Networking Lunch - 1:00 PM after Conference, Morgan's High Street Diner -  
The Diner - as it's called - is a throwback to simple times. When quarks didn't have flavor and computers still had vacuum tubes. Join us after the conclusion of the conference to chat one last time before we disperse back to our home institutions. The West Virginia motto is Montani Sember Liberi, or Mountaineers are Always Free. So yes, you're free to get that extra side of bacon, and yes, you're free to get both hashbrowns and homefries. 

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